Destination Medical Care Services

We focus on ensuring you have access to the medical care you need, even when it isn't in your community. We evaluate each provider carefully to ensure patient safety, positive medical outcomes and premier service experiences.
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What We Do

We are changing the ways you access medical care that brings new opportunities to you wherever you live.

We focus on better medical outcomes, access to the latest in treatment, technique & technology, and more natural care.

Health & Wellness

Soter Healthcare's Health & Wellness Center is designed to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimum health by enhancing the human body's natural capabilities. We help you remain active, relieve stress, and recover from injury or illness more quickly and without the need for drugs or surgery.

Specialty Insurance

Get help with specialized insurance solutions for international travel, disability, health and more.
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What can Soter do for me?

Soter Healthcare helps employers bend the health care cost-curve downward. Our revolutionary approach dramatically reduces health insurance and medical care expenses for both employers and individuals without sacrificing the quality of your care. Our specialized programs reduce out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits, emergency room use, and reduce the stress associated with waiting to see a physician. We also provide alternatives that improve the outcomes of your medical treatments, all while reducing the cost of your benefit plans.

Your health is important.

We know the challenges involved in navigating the healthcare maze. Finding the best specialists and hospitals is critical, but how do you know where to look for information? Waiting for appointments with specialists takes longer than ever. Getting the treatment you need seems like a battle, particularly when insurance companies dictate what must be done first or where regulatory action limits access to a particular treatment. It’s only made more complicated by the effects of increasing premiums, deductibles, and co-payments, accompanied by reductions in benefits. At Soter, we know your health comes first, so we’ve designed plans and programs to get you to the care you need when you need it.

Are You Ready to Reduce Your Pharmacy Costs?

If you're like many Americans, you're watching the cost of your prescription medications rise. National studies show that many people are taking expired medicines, skipping doses, or not getting prescriptions refilled because of the costs.

With all that happening around you, wouldn't it be great if you knew you were getting the best prices on the prescriptions you need? With LowestMed's Prescription Drug Discount Program, now you can at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide!

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New Research Shows Promise for Chronic Kidney Disease

Scientists at Monash University in Australia have used a new combination treatment using mesenchymal stem cells in tandem with serelaxin, a drug currently in clinical trials, to reverse chronic kidney damage. Stem cells have the ability to repair kidney damage; however, the fibrosis associated with CKD interferes with stem cell function. The researchers discovered serelaxin reduced kidney scarring, and stem cells then began to generate repairs.

The advance could lead to a treatment that may reduce the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients.

Did you know?

For centuries, people have found part of their medical care answers in what we know today as Destination Healthcare®. Simply put, Destination Healthcare® involves travel beyond your local community to get to where the care you need is located. For many people, Destination Healthcare® decisions have become so common they do not even think of them that way. When we drive past a local hospital to get to one we want to use, when we make an appointment with a doctor a little further away because we can get an appointment sooner, or when we travel to a specialist in another state, we’ve made a destination healthcare decision. What is new is that increasingly, people are finding access to the quality care they want at more affordable prices by using premier doctors and hospitals. By leveraging our relationships throughout the world, we deliver what consumers, insurance carriers, doctors, and hospitals cannot: improved outcomes achieved while bending the healthcare cost curve downward. Our unique approach to destination medical care gets you what you need, immediate access to the best possible care at costs you can afford and your insurance company will approve.