A Heart for Health: Donate Now and Give the Gift of Health

Do you have a heart for health when it comes to others?  We often see wonderful outpourings of financial support for people in dire need. But what are we doing to help the thousands of families we never hear about, the ones struggling with serious health issues while trying to make ends meet and take care of their loved ones? Sometimes, it’s diseases that are expensive even with insurance.  For others, it’s the stress and health issues they face while keeping us safe. We’ve been given a vision to help these everyday families who deal with life-altering situations that don’t grab the headlines.  To continue that, we need you.

Who Does Your Help Support?

Our vision includes providing care for children with Cystic Fibrosis, ALS patients, firefighters and America’s military families at deep discounts or no cost to them, based on the service.

Even with health insurance, Cystic Fibrosis care is expensive.  A typical family spends more than $12,000 out-of-pocket for a child with CF each year.

Families facing ALS deal not only with the out-of-pocket costs of treatment and other expenses, such as 24 hour nursing care, but also with the stress of managing a home, caring for children, and making ends meet.  Soter offers a combination of services that aid ALS patients including microcurrent therapy for sleep and depression and infrared sauna for detoxing.

Firefighters have a cancer rate several times greater than the rest of us.  Even with protective equipment, research shows they can inhale contaminants or have them penetrate skin. Our halotherapy services help clear the airways of irritants and remove toxic chemicals that reach the skin.  Each firefighter responding to a fire will receive four free sessions, enough to cleanse the skin and lungs.

Finally, America’s military families make sacrifices every day. Military personnel breathe in airborne irritants from pollutants, dust, fumes from fuels, and more.  Many return with injuries that leave them in intense pain, affect their relationships and destroy their long-term health. Our work helps them find their way back to health. At home, spouses care for their children alone, manage tight finances and their health concerns, and worry about spouses away from home.  They deserve support, and your contribution will allow them to pick the services they need.

Sarah’s Story

“Sarah (not her real name) collided head-to-head with another player during a college soccer match. Doctors said she had with a concussion. Her grades dropped (she had been an honor student), her personality changed, she wasn’t motivated to do anything, and she eventually had to drop out of school. She was so lost, and we were afraid since her doctors couldn’t offer anything but stay inside and rest. This went on for months.

A pediatrician friend who heard about Sarah suggested  we try microcurrent treatment.  After her first 60 minute session, Sarah said she didn’t feel as foggy and the light didn’t bother her.  A couple of sessions later, we noticed her personality begin to emerge once again. She said her head was clearer, she began reading again, and her smile & laughter returned. Just after her second week of treatment, I heard noises coming from the back yard and saw her kicking a soccer ball around with her dad.  I watched from the porch with tears in my eyes, and, believe me, there was no way I could scold my husband about the grass stains on his dress uniform.  Thank you for bringing our little girl back!”

Kevin’s Story

“I’m a third generation firefighter. My grandfather worked at the same firehouse for 44 years, my dad is a captain in the department here,my uncle was a firefighter, and I’ve worked in the department since I was 20 years old. From my grandpa’s time to mine, the number of fire calls we get has dropped a lot, but the chemicals we’re exposed to has gotten much worse. We have better protective equipment than my dad or grandpa had, but the cancer rate among firemen is as high as ever. I’ve watched my dad and uncle battle lung cancer.  I wouldn’t change my career, but it is scary that I might have to deal with cancer in my future. I want to watch my four kids grow up.

I love the idea that you will have a way my family, my buddies and I can keep our health.  Count on me being first in line when it’s ready.”

Krista’s Story

Breathing never came easy for Krista.  When she was less than a year old, her family and doctor noticed something was wrong.  She wasn’t developing or gaining weight the way she should be.  After several tests, the doctors diagnosed Krista with Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening condition that can cause severe damage to the lungs and digestive system.  For someone with CF, the normally smooth mucus lining of the airway and digestive tracts is thick and sticky.  As a result, it’s hard to digest food and breathe.

Every day, Krista would take as many as 25 pills, vitamins and supplements. She would also go through an hour or more of percussive therapy, a thumping that breaks up mucus so it can be expelled. She was frequently in the hospital with illnesses and infections that were minor for other children her age. When she felt well, she could play with other kids on the block.  There were many days she didn’t feel up to it.  Sometimes it was coughing that made her sick; other days it was difficulty breathing.  Despite the treatments she received and the care of her family and doctors, Krista passed away before her 21st birthday.

Halotherapy breaks down the thick mucus, clears restricted airways and clears the small air sacs in the lungs.  It makes a big difference for CF patients in their therapy plan.  Krista’s family would have done it in an instant.  As a company, we’re passionate about it, so kids with CF will get free halotherapy services.

Please give to A Heart for Health right now.


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