Destination Medical Care™ Frequently Asked Questions

™™We understand you may have a lot of questions.  We did when we started, and our family members and friends did too.  We know that Destination Medical Care™ and some of the available treatment options are new for many people.  Consequently, we’ve put this list together and add to it regularly, so if you don’t see your question, please let us know.  We’ll be glad to share the answer with you.

1.  What medical conditions can be treated?

It’s a long list, but here are some of the more common ones:

2. What are some of the treatments that are not available where I live?

3.  Are there reasons I should not think about destination medical care as an option?

4.  Do doctors review medical records before I make a decision to travel for medical care?

5.  Can I take a family member or friend with me?

6.  I see ads for treatment in tropical places.  Do you have any tropical hospital locations?

7. Will I need a visa?

8.  My doctor thinks I’m nuts to try this.  Can someone talk with him and answer his questions?

9.  Are the hospitals safe?  What about the area around the hospitals?

10.  From where do the stem cells the hospital uses come?

11.  Are all of the treatments approved for patients?

12.  Can you help with travel arrangements?