An Affordable Care Act Quiz for All of Us

The Affordable Care Act promised to deliver significant changes in health care and health insurance.  During the past two years, we’ve learned a great deal about what is included in this sweeping new law.  As with most wide-ranging laws, it can be hard to get the real facts and all too easy for misinformation about the law to spread.  Many people are surprised to find they don’t know this important new law as well as they thought.  Are you one of them?Affordable Care Act

Take our 20 question quiz to see how well you really know what’s in the Affordable Care Act.


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20 responses to “An Affordable Care Act Quiz for All of Us”

  1. Victoria Briscoe Avatar

    Great information. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marcia Turner Avatar
    Marcia Turner

    Great read and information. I plan to share this with my team. Please let me know if you do another quiz like this.

  3. Joan Avatar

    Thank you for the quiz. I was surprised that I did as well as I did 11/20! The taxes everyone will be paying to keep this up-wow!

    Just a note: Married tax payers have been penalized for years and it just keeps getting worse! I have helped many individuals with preparing their returns and the working married couples always seem to fall in between any tax benefits.

    Guess I need to stay on top of my reading to keep more informed! Does not look like anyone is a “winner” in this.

  4. Jim B. Avatar
    Jim B.

    Got 11 out of 20. I liked the test. Miss read a couple of questions, but I like the different situations posed as it give more real life meaning. I try to pay attention but it shows I need to read and study even more. Where does this leave the general public?

  5. Bruce Bulman Avatar
    Bruce Bulman

    It certainly is interesting and scary. I scored only 50% but learned a number of useful things about this tragic law.

  6. Beverly Gossage Avatar
    Beverly Gossage

    Thanks, David. I got 18 out of 20. Great exercise. Everyone should take this.

  7. Mike Mulqueeney Avatar
    Mike Mulqueeney

    Thanks David, I missed a few but answered 17 of 20. If most Americans took this test I think we would have a run on emergency rooms for strokes and heart attacks. They would probably get most answers wrong but reading the correct answers on a few of those will send some folks into shock. While the discussion about the impact on employers is all good, the impact this is going to have on employees working in small businesses who buy individual policies is one we don’t see talked about that much. Nice post… Thanks, Mike

    1. Dave Wiest Avatar
      Dave Wiest

      Hey Dave. I like the test. Along with you being one of the “policy wonks” for the Coalition I would have felt woefully inadequate had I not gotten a perfect score. I look forward to some more tough questions from you. I really like the way your website is designed. Very well thought out. Dave

  8. Allan Avatar

    This was a great way to test my knowledge on the ACA! Thanks for putting it together.
    I have a question though, I thought that the prohibition of pre-ex was only for children under 19 until 2014. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Self Funded health plans will be prohibited from discrimination based on health / medical history post 2014. Was surprised, but not too surprised, to see that premiums are expected to rise 75% and up for people not qualified for tax credits!


    1. David Mair Avatar
      David Mair

      Allan, you are correct that adults over 19 are not subject to pre-ex protections until 2014 with regard to individual health plans. Self-funded plans may continue medical underwriting. It is one of many important distinctions that works in their favor looking forward.

      The premium increase situation is one of the least understood effects of the ACA. For many Americans, it will be artificially hidden from view by premium credits for those who qualify. For those who don’t, there are indeed some surprises ahead.

  9. Jerald Abella Avatar
    Jerald Abella

    This is an outstanding tool. Is there a way to get it for my clients? I think they would really benefit.

  10. Meadow Baldwin Avatar
    Meadow Baldwin

    Thank you for sharing this, David. It was a great refresher on my training! Great tool.

  11. Gina Fellows Avatar
    Gina Fellows

    David – sent through to my staff and they found the scenarios very helpful regarding families with dependents purchasing on exchange and also subsidy qualifiers. I hope there will be another to follow at some point which takes this up another notch as more information becomes available – I think it is a great tool.

  12. John Harrod Avatar
    John Harrod

    Thanks for your effort, David!

  13. Brent Richey Avatar
    Brent Richey

    Good info, thanks for sharing.

  14. John Harrod Avatar

    Lots of Great Information! I wish everyone on the individual market good luck! 15/20, and misread 2.

    Tom you should care, lots of changes coming our way, and will effect all of our pocket books.

    We are the best country in the world!

  15. Gina Fellows Avatar
    Gina Fellows

    Excellent way for employers to test their basic knowledge of Health Care Reform!

  16. Tom B Avatar
    Tom B

    Didn’t score so well but not really concerned. What I am concerned about is that the ACA doesn’t go far enough. We need a single-payer system like the rest of the civilized world. Get the profit motivated insurance industry out of the health care business.

  17. Pat Boudreau Avatar
    Pat Boudreau

    Thanks for posting David! This was a good wake-up call. I have been paying attention to this topic and doing some reading but only got 10 of the 20 questions correct. There is just so much to know!

    1. David Mair Avatar
      David Mair

      You’re welcome, Pat. There is a great deal to know, and I’m pleased to hear this was helpful for you.

      Please let me know if there is anything with which I can help you.

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