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Category: Destination Medical Care

  • Soter Healthcare Selects Goodness Dental as Exclusive Dental Partner

    Soter Healthcare Selects Goodness Dental as Exclusive Dental Partner Goodness Dental, the highest rated dental clinic in Costa Rica & Guatemala for Dental Implants, All on Four & Full Mouth Restorations chosen as Exclusive Dental Partner in Soter Healthcare’s Regional Destination Dental Care™ Network. Soter Healthcare, a globally-recognized leader in medical tourism and destination healthcare […]

  • Gordie Howe’s Treatment Raises Stem Cells Issues

    The Detroit News is reporting on a controversy surrounding the stem cells used to treat NHL legend Gordie Howe. Howe suffered a stroke on October 26, 2014 and was in declining health. He received stem cell treatment in December, and family members share that his condition has improved a great deal. The source of the […]

  • How Are Stem Cell Transplants Done?

    Because stem cell therapies are new, you may have lots of questions.  One of the questions we commonly hear relates to the ways stem cells are transplanted into your body.  The specific terminology can seem difficult, but, in practice, the methods are not hard to understand. When you are getting stem cells, your doctor will […]

  • Study Confirms Long-term Stem Cell Benefits for Parkinson’s Disease

    Newly reported research discovered neural dopamine-producing stem cells transplanted into patients with Parkinson’s disease stayed healthy and functional for up to 14 years.  The findings were reported in the June 5, 2014 issue of the journal Cell Reports.  This is exciting news for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Researchers studied the brains of five Parkinson’s Disease […]

  • Are Americans Afraid of Traveling for Medical Care?

    A medical tourism facilitator recently asked, “Are Americans afraid of medical tourism?”  Unfortunately, the term “medical tourism” is a vexing part of the problem, as are companies who promote luxury travel over the quality of medical care.  Soter Healthcare believes the quality of care and its outcome is much more important. According to Wikipedia, “medical tourism” was […]

  • Clearing up the International Accreditation Noise

    There is a lot of noise about accreditation in media and marketing surrounding international medical travel.  With few clear voices, sorting the message from the madness is challenging. Accreditation, whether regulatory or voluntary, is simply a floor above which a hospital must work.  That there are no “good, better, best” connotations implied or expressed in […]

  • International Medical Accreditation Unwound

    We often see the comment “We only use JCI accredited hospitals” on the websites of and marketing brochures of medical tourism facilitators. I always enjoy reading that statement, knowing that the company either doesn’t understand accreditation or doesn’t really believe the comment. Accreditation, put simply, is a means by which the medical community evaluates administration, operations, […]

  • Five Destination Medical Care Myths

    In recent years, destination medical care using international hospitals and doctors emerged as a serious alternative for men and women around the globe.  Unfortunately, destination medical care is often grouped with its less serious relative, which the media and many companies refer to as medical tourism.  As a result, there has not been a great deal of well […]

  • Destination Medical Care: Right New Take on an Age-old Practice

    Many people look at a destination medical care as a new idea.  In fact, nothing could be farther from true.  From antiquity, people around the world have traveled to distant locations to reach the best medical care possible.  The earliest references date from about 2650 BC, when people traveled to see the Egyptian physician Imhotep who was renowned […]