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Tag: Medical care

  • 11 Ways Congress Can Improve the ACA Right Now

    Now that the 2014 elections are behind us, we thought we’d take a look at 11 actions Congress can take to improve the Affordable Care Act. Several of our suggestions have bipartisan support and, even in the 2015 session of Congress, a vote to do away with some of the less popular aspects of the […]

  • Study Confirms Long-term Stem Cell Benefits for Parkinson’s Disease

    Newly reported research discovered neural dopamine-producing stem cells transplanted into patients with Parkinson’s disease stayed healthy and functional for up to 14 years.  The findings were reported in the June 5, 2014 issue of the journal Cell Reports.  This is exciting news for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Researchers studied the brains of five Parkinson’s Disease […]

  • What If American Medical Care Ran Air Travel

    The American medical care system is often called one of the best in the world.  In some ways, it is a fair observation.  We have greater access to state of the art medical technology than almost any other nation.  Our doctors are skilled and well-trained.  Most communities have access to a hospital.  Major diseases and injuries are […]

  • Clearing up the International Accreditation Noise

    There is a lot of noise about accreditation in media and marketing surrounding international medical travel.  With few clear voices, sorting the message from the madness is challenging. Accreditation, whether regulatory or voluntary, is simply a floor above which a hospital must work.  That there are no “good, better, best” connotations implied or expressed in […]

  • International Medical Accreditation Unwound

    We often see the comment “We only use JCI accredited hospitals” on the websites of and marketing brochures of medical tourism facilitators. I always enjoy reading that statement, knowing that the company either doesn’t understand accreditation or doesn’t really believe the comment. Accreditation, put simply, is a means by which the medical community evaluates administration, operations, […]

  • Destination Medical Care: Right New Take on an Age-old Practice

    Many people look at a destination medical care as a new idea.  In fact, nothing could be farther from true.  From antiquity, people around the world have traveled to distant locations to reach the best medical care possible.  The earliest references date from about 2650 BC, when people traveled to see the Egyptian physician Imhotep who was renowned […]

  • American Medical Association Guidelines on Medical Tourism & Destination Medical Care

    The American Medical Association advocates that employers, insurance companies, and other entities that arrange medical care outside the U.S. adhere to the principles below.  As a leader in destination medical care, here’s our take on the American Medical Association’s guidelines. Medical care outside of the U.S. must be voluntary.  Soter position:  We agree.  Soter Healthcare will not […]