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King-Devick Concussion Screening Test for Athletes in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin

We are pleased to announce Soter Healthcare is offering the King-Devick Concussion Screening Test (K-D Test), one of the best concussion screening tests available, for athletes and teams in the Twin Cities metro and Western Wisconsin.

The K-D Test is a simple screening tool to help assess possible concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI).  Our protocol begins with a preseason baseline test and includes sideline and mid-season follow-up best concussion screeningassessments as part of Soter’s Peak Performance program for athletes.  Research from more than 50 clinical studies shows the K-D Test is one of the best concussion screening tools, including as a sideline test for remove-from-play requirements.  The K-D Test is effective in identifying concussion and mTBI symptoms others have missed, especially when there is no loss of consciousness.

David Mair, Soter CEO and Managing Partner, commented about King-Devick, “Working with Olympic level athletes and my own kids, I’ve seen a lot of concussions.  I’ve also seen too many coaches put a player who probably suffered a concussion back into a game, because they didn’t have a way to know.  This removes that challenge.  As a parent, I wish this test had been around earlier, but I’m very glad it’s here now.  Every parent should have a baseline test done for their sons or daughters as a starting point.”

The K-D Test takes only a few minutes.  It is not intended to diagnose the extent of a head injury, but it is one of the best concussion screening tests for making decisions about removing an athlete from further play and the possibility of further injury.  It’s also a good way for parents to know when it’s time to see their athlete’s physician.

For more information on getting the King-Devick Test for your athlete and teams, contact Soter Healthcare before the season begins.  There’s no time to lose.

As an added bonus, for a limited time, Soter Healthcare is offering a discount on baseline testing.  Contact us today for your special rate!







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