Soter’s Center Of Excellence Network

Soter Healthcare’s international hospital network brings together more than a dozen world-class teaching hospitals, specialty hospitals and treatment centers.  We selected them because they offer premier medical care for international patients. We intentionally maintain one of the smallest networks in our industry, because we know not every hospital provides the leading care you expect and we demand.

Hospitals selected for the Soter network meet high level standards for performance, quality and patient safety, staff training, staff skill, and physician experience.  In addition to being reviewed directly by Soter Healthcare, each hospital must have a demonstrated record of serving international patients, hold the highest approval level from its national agency, and be rated by one or more international authorities.

We rigorously evaluate each hospital using more than 300 factors, including:

• Accreditation

• Medical specialties

• Medical outcomes

• Ethics

• Overall reputation for quality

• Previous patient experience

• Training and experience of physicians in key specialty areas

• Post‐surgical infection/complication rates

• International patient experience

• English‐speaking doctors and nurses

• Nurse‐patient ratio

• Direct company and patient access to the “best of the best” on the hospital staff

• Ability and willingness to report clinical information

• Support and accommodations for family members

• Medical and non-medical transportation services

• Customer experience ratings

• Financial arrangements

• Food services

• Patient privacy

• Medical equipment in patient rooms

• Equipment in surgical areas

• Equipment in therapy and recovery areas

• Processes for addressing medical errors

• Emergency response procedures

• Continuity of care arrangements

• Safety and security for international patients and family members

International Accreditation

Accreditation is a means by which the medical community evaluates quality and patient safety. Many developed nations around the globe have their own means for licensing and accrediting hospitals and medical practitioners. Where the medical system operates at a high level and accreditation systems are strong, such as it is in developed countries like Australia, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, it is common to use only the accreditation system within its borders.  For Soter Healthcare, this serves as only a basic foundation.

At Soter, we also consider international evaluating organizations.  These may include international accreditors like JCI or Accreditation Canada.  They may also include some of the more capable international medical assistance companies.  We also consider foreign government evaluations, since they review hospitals for use by embassy and consulate staff.  These, too, are helpful and add information to our own evaluations.


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