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Destination Medical Care™ Services

Each of us makes Destination Medical Care™ decisions more often than we think.  At its simplest, it’s is a choice between the nearest doctor or hospital and one that better fits our needs.  For example, we may not go to the nearest doctor.  Instead, we choose one with a specialty we need, one that we know can treat our condition, or one that offers shorter wait times.  We select hospitals that meet our needs for quality care.  We may even travel to a different city, state, or even country to get that care.

At Soter Healthcare, we offer Destination Medical Care™ services for individuals, associations, businesses, and insurance companies.  All of our programs are customized to fit your needs.  For a business, Destination Medical Care™ offers significant reduction in treatment costs or treatment that can improve the long-term costs for a disease.  We can also reduce your need to purchase additional insurance just because you or your staff travels abroad.  All of our destination medical care programs include international medical centers of excellence, hospitals that offer excellent medical outcomes for specific conditions. 

Destination Medical Care™ services solutions include:

• Travel support, including visa application, flight arrangements, and hotel accommodations, as needed

• Admission coordination and payment guarantee

• Access to premier, English-speaking physicians in recognized international medical centers of excellence

• Hospital accommodation for patients and family members on VIP floors of the hospital

• Preferred billing rates

• Ground transportation for accompanying family members or companions (additional costs may apply)

• Coordination between your home and destination physicians

Network Specialties

Soter Healthcare network hospitals and providers offer care in more than 30 medical specialties and subspecialties, including:

• Cardiology

• Cerebrovascular disease

• Dentistry

• Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care

• Infertility

• Internal Medicine

• Oncology

• Organ transplantation

• Orthopedics

• Neurology and neurosurgery

• Pediatrics (incl. neonatal care)

• Stem cell therapy

• Surgery – Multiple specialty areas

Click here for a general description of Destination Medical Care™ Services.


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