Optimal Wellness Program & Health Coaching

Making healthy living choices is a fundamental starting point in being as healthy as you can.  We know it is not always easy though; in fact, reports show more than 80% of people don’t last three weeks on a new weight loss plan.  That’s among the reasons, Soter Healthcare is working with Karen Massoglia, a personal health coach with Take Shape For Life®

Take Shape For Life’s® Optimal Health™ is more than just a weight loss program though. Karen works with you to develop healthy habits in three essential aspects of life: physical, mental and financial.  She’s committed, she’s passionate about her clients, and she is also a success story using the program she brings Soter clients.  She even has our CEO on his new path to regular healthy living choices. (Note: he’s now down 28 pounds.)

We like the program Karen and Take Shape For Life®s offer because:

  • It’s scientifically proven through clinical trials.
  • It offers great resources through regular communication with Karen and online information to give you  support, advice, and encouragement.
  • It focuses on creating health and personal wellness, not reacting to illness.
  • You get to eat real food, not count points, take pills, or feel hungry all the time.
  • You create your own healthy living choices, step by step, through nutrition, proper sleep, exercise and stress management, and you replace old habits that make you ill, overweight, and unhappy.
  • You learn how to make healthy living choices that put you in charge of your lifestyle.  Use them and be as healthy as you can, for as long as you want.
  • And, as if those reasons aren’t good enough, you get Karen’s services free!

What is holding you back from living an active life at a healthy weight?