King-Devick Concussion Screening Test

Soter Healthcare now offers the King-Devick Concussion Screening Test (K-D Test), one of the best concussion screening tests available, for teams and individual athletes.

concussion screening

Wisconsin defensive back lines up in the wrong backfield after suffering a concussion.

It isn’t always easy to recognize a concussion.  The classic symptoms of a concussion include loss of consciousness, confusion, and memory loss.  However, these may not happen in athletes with a mild concussion or mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), an injury caused by repetitive impacts.  In fact, symptoms of mild concussions are often subtle and go unnoticed or overlooked by the athlete, team medical staff, or coaches.  Athletes, especially at elite levels, in very competitive programs, or who feel they could lose a position may disguise or fail to disclose symptoms in order to continue competing. In other instances, an athlete may not be completely aware of mTBI symptoms.

The K-D Test is a simple screening tool to help assess possible concussions and mTBI. It tests eye movements, attention concentration and speech reading and focus with an emphasis on speed and accuracy. Research from more than 50 clinical studies shows the K-D Test is one of the best concussion screening tools, including as a sideline test for remove-from-play requirements.  The K-D Test is effective in identifying concussion and mTBI symptoms others have missed, especially when there is no loss of consciousness.

David Mair, Soter CEO and Managing Partner, commented about King-Devick, “Working with Olympic level athletes and my own kids, I’ve seen a lot of concussions.  I’ve also seen too many coaches put a player who probably suffered a concussion back into a game, because they didn’t have a way to know.  This removes that challenge.  As a parent, coach and administrator, I wish I had known about the K-D Test earlier, but I’m very glad it’s here now.  I can’t imaging a reason an athlete wouldn’t get a baseline test today.”

Benefits of the King-Devick Test in Concussion Screening

  • Objective – Eliminates the guessing associated with other tests.
  • Effective – Using a preseason baseline test followed by in-season or post injury testing catches concussions that others miss.
  • Immediate feedback – Results are immediate & help minimize the potential for further injury, including the dangerous second impact syndrome.
  • Practical – Can be used with athletes of all ages.
  • Easy to Administer – Testing takes only a few minutes.
  • Affordable – The test costs less than a visit to the doctor’s office.

Should you protect the athlete in your family with a concussion screening?

It’s an obvious answer.  Of course, you should. For more information or to schedule a King-Devick Test for your athlete and teams, use our contact form and reach us today.