About Us

Soter Healthcare is first and foremost a company focused on health and wellness. We are passionate about it. We realize health is one of your most important assets, as it is for each of us. We all count on our health to enjoy the lifestyle we choose.  Our families count on it, so we can provide relationship, support, and love. Our co-workers count on our health, as well as theirs, to get work done, to succeed in business, to share the load needed to accomplish the things we desire. Our communities count on our health as we volunteer at church, school, or in our neighborhood. When our health is impaired, we miss out on many of the aspects of life that make it purposeful and enjoyable for each of us.

We’ve designed innovative solutions that help people live healthy, active lives.  Our unique Destination Healthcare®, Destination Medical Care™, and Destination Dental Care™ approaches give people access to the best in medical technique, technology and science from around the world.  Advances in medicine are taking place all over the world, and we make it our business to follow those developments, so you can make full advantage of them.  It’s worth remembering that many of the medical procedures we appreciate today were pioneered far outside our home communities. Did you know, for example, the first heart transplant was performed in South Africa?

We offer alternative and complementary care to help you regain and maintain your healthy life.  Our approach is to utilize natural, effective ways to complement treatment from your physician.

At Soter Healthcare, we uniquely blend tools previously used only by America’s largest companies with principles our founder designed for America’s Olympic athletes. Using these innovative solutions, a package we call Soter Cares™, individuals and businesses see controlled costs, maintain robust benefits, and retain more of the money you worked hard to earn.

We believe in being servant leaders.  At Soter Healthcare, it isn’t about us.  Rather, our focus is on the people with whom we work and for whom we are privileged to care.  It’s easy for us to remember our focus; after all, it’s your health.

Soter Healthcare’s Name

Soter (pronounced soh-tare’) is a Greek word meaning “Deliverer” or “Savior”.  Our name reflects our commitment to serving people in our increasingly global community by creating access to medical care that saves and improves lives. Our name is also a link to our faith in a Living God, whose love for us creates the example by which we live and work.  It represents our focus on work as a mission, one that allows us to reach others with compassion, understanding and support.